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Influx of info

1. A user on the Bethesda forums has posted a bunch of info from Qore (includes spoilers).

2. I haven't watched this myself yet (this goes for every video I'm about to toss in this post, unfortunately D:), but here's a preview + interview from Sarcastic Gamer:


3. Qore preview and interview:


4. There are some shaky cam vids from PAX linked in this post.

5. IGN interviews Josh Sawyer over "easter eggs, secrets and speed runs".

6. Planet Fallout interviews Pete Hines at PAX.

7. The official New Vegas opening. Spoilers, obviously. Also, a note from the source: "Keep in mind that the video appears to be edited to some extent, and the "one month later" part is not actually in the game."

8. Mitch Lewis and Marc Graue have been confirmed as voice actors in New Vegas.
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