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Hey, guys. :)

So the game's out. I'm sure everyone knows that by now.

However, I thought I'd drop in and open up some discussion. How you're all enjoying New Vegas, favorite quests, favorite characters, best/worst/most annoying/most hilarious glitches, any rants/complaints you have, etc. Feel free to drop in and comment about whatever you'd like. As an avid lover of the game so far, I'm curious to hear how everyone else feels.

Please white out spoilers, for the sake of members who are taking their time with the game and wish to remain surprised over certain events. (White out spoilers using: <font color="white">spoilers here!</font>)

Also, I'd like to pimp out the falloutkinkmeme. You can find the current prompts post here, the delicious archive here, as well as a discussion post here.
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