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Discussing, writing, drawing and etc. about Fallout: New Vegas
Welcome to dinkythedino, a community for Fallout: New Vegas (released October 19, 2010). For more information on Fallout: New Vegas or the Fallout series, visit the Fallout Wiki. After you join, feel free to post any New Vegas-related fic, art, videos, news, etc.

Rules and Guidelines
1. Posts must be related to Fallout: New Vegas.
2. Tag your posts appropriately. If you need to request a new tag, comment here.
3. Fic and art posts must include a header (see below for example) in order to be properly tagged.
4. Posts that include any of the following require an lj-cut (learn how to make one here):
  • Fics longer than a drabble

  • R or NC-17 rated fics or art

  • Large pictures or a large amount of pictures (i.e. an icon post)

  • Spoilers

  • Community or RPG ads that are large or include images (see rule #7 for guidelines on posting ads)
5. We're not asking for members to be perfect, but we do highly suggest that authors run their fics by a beta or another person to check for grammatical errors and to allow for potential critique (i.e. to eliminate Mary Sues/Gary Stus, fix characterization errors, etc.).
6. Do not personally attack other members.
7. Please ask the permission of the maintainers before posting a community or RPG ad.

Fic and Art Headers
Please include the following with all fic and art posts:
Title: ["Untitled" is acceptable]
Author/Artist: [Your Livejournal username]
Character/Pairing: [Character is a must; pairing is obviously only necessary when there is one]
Rating: [G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17]

Quick Links
Memories: For quick access to art and fanfiction.
Tags: For when you're looking for something a little more specific.
Fallout @ Fanfiction.net: For all Fallout fanfiction.

Stylesheet by refuted


dinkythedino is not affiliated with Fallout, Bethesda, Obsidian, et al. The maintainers reserve the right to swing the banhammer when they deem it appropriate or necessary. Running to the maintainers when a member posts a review or critique (whether negative or positive) of your fic or art will only serve to annoy the maintainers. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and not everyone will agree with yours or what you've posted. Regardless, chances are that if you feel personally affronted by a review or critique, you've written or drawn a Mary Sue and need to reevaluate the character anyway. Note that this disclaimer will change as necessary to suit the needs of the comm.